Tutorial: Facebook ChatBot

Facebook ChatBot
Configuring OpenWeatherMap

One of the features this tutorial demonstrates is the ability to handle and interpret natural language.  In particular a Facebook chatter can request the ChatBot to obtain weather information.  In this example I will demonstrate how to make outgoing REST calls using OpenWeatherMap’s APIs.

Set-up is pretty straightforward.

Step 1 – Create An Account And Obtain An API Key

OpenWeatherMap API KeyHead on over to http://openweathermap.org/ and create a free account.  Once the account has been established you will be able to retrieve an API key from the “API Keys” section.

Copy the API Key and include it within the config/default.json file of the ChatBot application in the ‘openweathermap’ stanza.


Once completed our ChatBot will be ready for launch.

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Written by YourAPIExpert