Tutorial: Facebook ChatBot

Facebook ChatBot

Meet Trevor.  He likes long talks, is in to social networking and loves people.  Trevor is the subject of this tutorial as our Facebook ChatBot.

A big shoutout to the folks over at Facebook who approved this ChatBot for use with this tutorial.

This article is part of the ‘Developer Series’ and is intended for software developers undertaking the challenge of correct API design.  Throughout the series the developer will gain knowledge and build confidence around the industry practiced methodologies relating to the planning, design and development of application programming interfaces.

In the past I have received a few queries from time to time to assist with automated chat bots for various social media platforms.  Their level of complexity changes based on the individual clients’ requirements but this tutorial will introduce is to the basics of a Facebook ChatBot.

If you intend to run the tutorial application in your local environment there are a few things required.

  • A Facebook developer account
  • A Facebook page
  • An App ID for the ChatBot
  • Optional permissions to use the ChatBot
  • A free subscription to OpenWeatherMap
  • Access to a WordPress installation with the WP-JSON facilities

To make our ChatBot relevant I will demonstrate how to populate data inside Facebook’s convenient templates, how to send messages and how to deal with long running processes.

Next Up: Establishing the Facebook Facilities

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Written by YourAPIExpert