Tutorial: Designing A Basic REST API

In this tutorial we will design a basic RESTful API using NodeJS and RESTify by following the critical elements of the API life cycle.

This article is part of the ‘Developer Series’ and is intended for software developers undertaking the challenge of correct API design.  Throughout the series the developer will gain knowledge and build confidence around the industry practiced methodologies relating to the planning, design and development of application programming interfaces.

In this tutorial we will be working through the planning, design, documentation, development and testing of an API.  In essence we will be practicing the essential sequence of events along the API life cycle.

Analyzing The Requirements

Our fictional API requires us to develop a simple ‘Hello World’ application to demonstrate basic API input and output.  To demonstrate input mechanisms via both GET and POST methods our application will be tasked to extract relevant data from the URL path as well as the body.

Accessing The Repository

All source code, diagrams, documentation and test cases are available at YourAPIExpert’s GitHub repository.  Using your favorite git client go ahead and create a development directory and check out the repository.

Up Next: Visualizing The API

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Written by YourAPIExpert