Frameworks For High Performance APIs

High Performance API Frameworks

API frameworks leverage the features of the underlying programming language.  Frameworks are designed to allow the developer to more rapidly bring to existence their API by providing easier means to write code, invoke functions and make use of framework-specific modules and features.

NodeJS vs. VertX

Based on this list I will discuss two of the high performing API frameworks for NodeJS and Java.


A number of high performance API frameworks are available for NodeJS with a great number of these based on ExpressJS.

Based on a comparison done in 2016 between popular NodeJS frameworks RESTify (based on ExpressJS) provided a higher throughput than native ExpressJS and slightly higher throughput than KOA (a creation form the team behind ExpressJS).

RESTify’s performance is due to its overall direction to be an API framework as opposed to a web framework and to this extent removes some ExpressJS functionality and adds functionality specific to API development.

The framework offers a number of out-of-the-box functionality such as request throttling, CORS support, static file serving and a number of request, header, and body parsing mechanisms.


VertX is the leading API framework for Java in terms of throughput.  The power is VertX is due to its event-driven and non-blocking threading model which means that the API can handle a great deal of concurrency with only a minimal of system resources being consumed.

A number of big industry names use VertX owning to its performance and underlying programming language.

As a powerful framework VertX offers developers a number of powerful modules to assist with complex tasks such as database access, messaging, authentication and authorization, testing and operational support.

The task of selecting an ideal framework will always be driven by multiple factors.  In this article I have used performance as a cornerstone in the selection of an enterprise framework.  Developers who have a lesser requirement in performance or who desire greater flexibility or library support may eventually choose another framework based on their language of choice.

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